At Abbott Stoves we want you to get the best out of your Clearview stove and here are a few tips to get you going.

Be aware that on first lighting your stove it will give off a ‘smell’ and there will probably be a slight haze as the stove warms up and the paint cures. Don’t worry this is normal, open a window if possible and it will soon disappear.
Your first two or three fires should be small ‘kindling’ fires and this will get the metal of the stove used to expanding and contracting as it heats up and then cools down.

Place a bed of knotted up newspaper and a few kindling sticks on the grate. Open up the spin wheel which is at the base of the door and pull the air slide (under the ash lip) fully out. Light the fire and then let it burn out – let the stove go completely cold and repeat the process. Do this two or three times and then you are ready to go for the burn.

Lay a bed of newspaper and kindling on the grate (as above) with one or two small logs, open the controls and light the fire. When the fire is established close the spin wheel, keeping the air slide fully open. Gradually refuel with more logs when necessary.

Keep the air slide fully open until your thermometer shows a reading between 450 and 500 degrees F – on the outer ring of the thermometer – this is a good average temperature to give a good clean burn. When the stove has reached the desired temperature the air slide can be pushed in – the air slide controls the burning rate of your stove. Temperatures of 600 degrees and over should be avoided.

Only riddle the grate to drop ash into the ash pan when the fire is not performing at its best. You need to ensure that you build up a bed of ash on the grate – about 2” of ash on the grate is perfect. Do not empty the ash off the grate every day and do not let the ash pan get over-full.
Burn only seasoned wood, which has been air dried for about 2 years and for the best results, if possible, burn kiln dried wood. Avoid the temptation to burn household rubbish!

If you do burn any smokeless fuels you will need to keep the grate free of ash and the ash pan emptied every day. When burning the stove leave the spin wheel open a couple of turns so that air passes under and up through the grate to allow the fuel to burn. Wood likes the air to flow over the top of the fuel.

The air slide also controls the air-wash system on the stove and by controlling the burning rate of the fire with air slide and burning and the correct combustion rate with a hot fire box you will always have a clean glass and a ‘Clearview’ of the fire.

You will be supplied with a thermometer – please use it – it will help you to achieve the correct burning temperature.